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About Us

Kenny Dodd of Dodd Construction talking on the phoneIn 1979, Kenny Dodd began setting water meters for the county water department, where he was later hired as manager. He expanded his business to septic tank and field line installation and then later added backhoe and trenching work, dirt work services, land clearing and building roads.

During the early years of Dodd Construction, dynamite was frequently used for demolition projects. Some of the company's more widely known projects include the ground work for the ROC (Recreational Outreach Center), the groundwork for Centre Elementary School, an addition to the Centre Motel, and the groundwork for Danny's Builders Supply in Centre.  Dodd Construction also assisted with the groundwork for KTH in Leesburg.

Kody Dodd of Dodd Construction talking on the phoneHis son, Kody, was raised up in the business that he would one day take over. Since Kenny's death in 2015, Kody continues to provide the same services that his father built a great reputation for. Since he took over, the company has assisted with the groundwork for Cherokee Community Dialysis Center and Tractor Supply Company.

Dodd Construction is a member of Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce.